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Five Affordable Ways To Refresh Your Home Decor This Autumn

Wondering how to make your home cosy this autumn? Searching for beautiful art prints and wall art to give your home an autumnal feel? Wanting to do all of the above, but on a budget? We have everything you need to help you make your home autumn ready, without the hefty price tag.

As the evenings draw in, you’re likely to be spending much more time tucked up at home, making it the perfect time to give your house a little refresh. But switching up your house décor and interiors needn’t be expensive – here are five hacks to switch up your house décor for autumn on a budget…

Switch up your wall art

The simplest and most effective way to refresh your interior is to keep a selection of classic, autumnal prints that you can swap over every season. For example, if you know that every autumn you fall back in love with rich auburn tones or shades of brown and red, then purchase a selection of art pieces in a few of those deep shades – that way, every autumn your home will get an easy fall refresh. Simply remove and replace, it’s that simple.


Go neutral for autumn

Neutral art is a minimalist statement in itself. Art doesn’t always have to be colourful or elaborate, especially if you know that isn’t to your own personal taste. Selecting neutral pieces of art can actually be more versatile, which is especially important if you like to switch up various shades of soft furnishings throughout the year. Select wall art that is a subtle contrast amidst bolder, richer and deeper colours, such as our Neutrals theme, as they will prove to make their own statement on your house walls this season.

Refresh your essentials 

For many of us, much of the evenings throughout autumn and winter is spent getting cosy indoors, perhaps even sipping on a warm cup of cocoa. With mugs, bowls and many other kitchenware essentials being items you regularly use and keep out of the cupboards every day – one of the easiest ways to ‘redecorate’ your home for the season is to have an extra set of kitchenware pieces that have an autumnal feel. Think speckled plates, giant bowls, and mugs that you can hug with your hands. Browse collections from Egg Back Home for inspiration.

Shuffle around any moveable or replaceable items

If you’re on a budget, then changing your entire interior for autumn, such as swapping around curtains or sofas, doesn’t seem worth it. Luckily, you don’t need to do go to such lengths in order to achieve a beautiful, autumnal feel at home. Instead, pick a few smaller items to replace this season – such as cushions, bedding, table-wear, and artwork. When selecting new items, remember to make sure they match or at least complement each other. To keep things simple, choose your colours first, then start shopping. Consider our new Painted art print collection, before matching other external tones to each print.

Pick the best candles for autumn

Bring the light back into your home throughout autumn with a selection of cosy candles. As the nights draw in, too, now’s the time to put away any floral-scented candles and swap them for nutmeg, apple or cinnamon scents, as well as selecting candles that are rich in colour – such as auburn or rich reds. Remember to match them to your wall art and prints, for extra affect.

The verdict? It’s pretty simple to switch up your home for autumn, as long as you know how. For inspiration and tips, visit
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