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Give the Gift of Wall Art This Christmas

You don’t need to be an art aficionado to enjoy wall art. Whether it’s abstract art, graphics or fine art design – wall art is for everyone, and it makes the perfect gift for loved ones, friends or partners.

However, with so many options of art to choose from, it can often be tricky to decide which piece of art to buy, or where to start looking. Wall art is a great way to add some personality to a room, and express your own personal style – as well as being a fantastic present idea for that special someone.

Imagine the joy on your loved one’s face when they unravel the festive wrapping paper to discover a unique piece of wall art that has been especially picked by you, for them.

From colourful abstract designs, to iconic pieces of art, there’s a wall art design for everyone – if you’re stuck on what to get, here’s our guide on how to gift wall art based on your loved ones interests and personality this Christmas…

For nature lovers

If your friend is a lover of nature, think about purchasing them a piece of wall art that is inspired by the outdoors. Help them bring the nature in, by gifting them a piece of art inspired by palm trees, abstract florals, or animals.

For foodies, tea and coffee enthusiasts

Everyone has a friend who is a food or drink enthusiast – and in this case, the wall art choice is pretty simple. From bright and bold wall art showcasing fruits and sweets, to pun-tastic sketches of dinky jam jars – this kind of wall art is certain to make your friend super happy (and hungry!) 

For Musicophiles

For music lovers, pick something more sophisticated and inspired by their favourite band. Whether it be a colour, piece of abstract art, or a line from their favourite song.

For Animal Lovers

For every animal lover out there, there’s a piece of wall art to match. At Skudaboos, we offer a huge range of wall art pieces that are certain to set your friend’s heart on fire – including bold zebra, parrot and sealife prints.

For Bookworms

Every bookworm probably has a library or bookshelf to match – so the best idea when gifting a book lover a piece of art, is to find something that will sit neatly in between their novel collection. Think simple line art, abstract pieces or locations that are linked to their favourite titles and authors.

For Frequent Travellers

Travellers love to be reminded of places they have visited, explored and adventured. If your friend or family member is a traveller, pick wall art that represents somewhere they have frequently visited or spoken to you about. Or, even better, a place they have spoken about visiting to inspire them!

For Fashionistas

Fashionistas probably have a stylish home to match. We’d advise choosing neutral wall art for every fashionista, to ensure the wall art you choose doesn’t clash with their designer wardrobe or neatly laid-out furniture. Pick simple line art pieces inspired by shoes or clothing.

For Drinks Connoisseur

Whether it’s beer, wine or the sophistication of cocktails – everyone has a friend who is a total drinks connoisseur. For them, the perfect piece of art is something that will fit neatly into their favourite sipping spot, whether it’s by a cosy armchair or open plan kitchen. We suggest art featuring cocktail puns, quotes, and simplistic sketches.

Whatever you choose to gift this Christmas, finding the right piece of wall art can elevate your friend’s home décor as well as their mood, and can help them make a great statement at home.

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