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Discover Our Most Popular Wall Art Themes

Oh, Boho! 

Bohemian decor continues to be a trending style in interior design, and deservedly so.

When you think Boho, think versatile, of eclectic colours or soothing neutrals.

This decor style is all about revealing creativity through quirky elements. It is nothing, if not personal. Bohemian throws out the standard conventions, embracing personal taste over design principles.

In this blog, we'll take your through our most popular art themes to help inspire you to create lovely, dreamy spaces to match your personal style and individuality.


Botanical and Floral

Boho botanical art captures the charm of nature, bringing the outside in. Flora and green are paired in natural colours with splashes of bright happy shades thrown in. 

Oodles of colour, cheerful patterns & carefree vibes - what could go wrong?

Not only does our Abstract Floral Art Print provide a lovely nod to nature, but it is also versatile and can be placed anywhere in the house.

Shop more Nature themed wall art here.



Got a penchant for wildlife? You are not alone. They simply affirm your wanderlust and wild at heart nature. The wildlife artworks bring a vivid element to the walls.

Say it in style with our Leopard Art Print If you are mesmerised by the adventures of jungle safari, then certainly go for this.

Shop more Wildlife themed wall art here.



Neutral art is the minimalist statement your walls need. Because art doesn’t always have to be colourful or elaborate. While they add subtle contrast amidst bold colours and patterns, they look can also make a statement on bare walls or in gallery walls.

Add dimension and personality to your space with this Selfie Art Print.

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We all have a little bit of hippie in us, longing to be at one with crashing waves, squishy sand through the toes, tiny pebbles, and the mystique of water life that makes us admire the beach boho style.

You don’t have to live by the sea to enjoy the ocean. With our Seashell Art Print and its light & airy colour palette, you can have the relaxed beach feel at your home.

Shop more Coastal-themed wall art here.


Food & Drinks

In food, we trust.

That’s why food and beverage art prints have become so popular. They make us happy and also super hungry.

Refresh the happy gathering memories with the inviting Summer-Breakfast-Picnic Art Print.

Shop more Food & Drink wall art here.


Typography & Quotes

Say it with your walls! Wall art featuring quotes and typography are a really fun and artistic way to display your sentiments in the home.

The inspirational quotes are ideal for study and office space. Offer yourself the inspiration needed with this You-Got-This framed wall art. It’s a good reminder that keeping faith in yourself is important.

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Abstract Art

We are at the end of our list, and now is the time to talk about one of the most popular themes. The great thing about this style is it's so versatile. From soft & subtle strokes to dramatic & high-impact prints, this art expresses itself differently to different people.

Let us know what this Abstract Art speaks to you.

Shop more Abstract style wall art here.

Each of our art pieces is eclectic, unique, and designed from artists around the world with utmost passion. Start browsing, get inspired, and find the wall arts that speak to you. Go with your gut and choose what makes you feel good. We cannot wait to see how you incorporate our art prints into your space and make them your own.

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