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9 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts From Small Businesses in 2023

As we approach Christmas, the challenge of finding perfect gifts for our family and friends to show them just how much we love them can feel daunting. But fear not, for there's a perfect solution that not only will warms their hearts but also supports the creative people behind small businesses.

As a small business owner myself, I know how shopping small for your Christmas gifts pays off in more ways than one. It brings smiles to your loved ones' faces while also making a huge impact on the artisans who pour their hearts into each creation. When you choose to support small businesses, you're not merely purchasing a gift; you're investing someone's dream and passion.

In this blog, I'm so excited to share with you some of favourite finds from my fellow members of the Studio Cotton clubhouse, an intimate community of small business owners, founded by website design and strategy guru, Aime Cox.
If you are seeking quirky and unique presents that'll have everyone asking, "Where did you find that?" — I've got you covered.

Hand Painted House Portrait Decorations by Imogen Partridge

Imogen Partridge is a watercolour and hand lettering artist based in Tonbridge UK, who specialises in creating bespoke illustrations, bringing special moments and the places close to your heart to life with ink and watercolour.
I love her hand painted house portrait hanging decorations, as not only would they make a lovely personal gift for new home owners or your house proud friends, they can be displayed in their home all year round and treasured forever.
Each purchase also includes a donation to Shelter, for those that don't have a home at Christmas, giving this gift an extra goodness factor.
Shop Imogen Partridge's House Portrait Decorations £65
Visit Imogen Partridge's website
Follow @imogen.partridge on Instagram

Bath Lovers Gift Set from Wild Rising Skincare

Wild Rising Skincare, a sustainable skincare brand based in Devon, specialises in natural, organic, vegan and cruelty free ingredients that nourish, cleanse and care for your skin.
Their amazing value Christmas Gift sets make gifting oh so easy and are much more special than grabbing a toiletry set from the supermarket or a chain beauty retailer. They're especially perfect for anyone that values sustainably, natural ingredients and supporting small business.
The Bath Lovers Gift Set, containing four dreamy and unique bath salt blends, enriched with calming aromatherapy oils would make the ideal gift for busy mums or anyone who deserves to be pampered.
Shop owner, Danielle said "Every mum needs a little encouragement to relax and take some time for herself, and a bath kit will do just that."
Shop Bath Lovers Gift Set £24
Visit the Wild Rising Skincare website
Follow @wild_rising on Instagram

Christmas Cards from Jess A Little Creative

Another rewarding aspect of the holiday season, aside from buying gifts, is the act of giving cards. You don't want to present the same mundane, mass-produced card that lines the shelves alongside countless others though.
Instead give a card made by a small business, as you're almost guaranteed to give a one-of-a-kind card that will inspire the recipient to treasure and frame it as a keepsake, rather than relegating it to the bin in the new year.
Jess A Little Creative, a small independent business based in Cheltenham, has the loveliest selection of beautiful and unique eco-friendly greeting cards. They also have the option to build a multipack of your choosing so you can get your cards for the whole family.
My favourite Christmas card design of has to be the Illustrated Robin Christmas Card as Robins are such an iconic symbol of Christmas and this one is just so very cute! It would particularly make the perfect card for any birdwatchers or nature lovers.

Personalised Notebook from Blue Stiggy

What better way to give a thoughtful gift, than by making it personalised to the recipient? Blue Stiggy, a small business based in Lincolnshire, make handmade, eco conscious notebooks and stationery, that are personalised on Michaela's vintage typewriter named Dorothy.
I love their personalised notebooks as they are a truly thoughtful and versatile gift. They can be used for as a mindfulness journal, a planner to stay on top of a to do list, or a sketchbook for drawing.
I also think they solve the challenge of finding the gifts for those men in your life who are difficult to shop for as you can personalise it with a quote from their favourite book or TV show.
Shop owner, Michaela said "Buying someone a personalised notebook is a truly personal and thoughtful gift. My favourite personalisation's to type are the ones that make no sense at all to me, because I know that they mean something special between the giver and receiver of the notebook."

The Retreat - Home Sanctuary Gift Box from Rock + Realm

If you want to bring someone positive energy and improved wellbeing this Christmas, crystals can make thoughtful and meaningful gift to do just this.
Rock + Realm, an ethical independent female-owned crystal business based in Norwich, UK, have the mission to make spiritual wellness easily accessible to people all over the UK, so are the perfect place to shop for when gifting crystals.
The Retreat - Home Sanctuary Gift Box is my personal favourite gift in their shop, as it is would make a lovely indulgent treat for anyone that needs to find some inner calm.
Containing ritual bath salts, crystal aromatherapy pulse point oil, a Californian white sage bundle, an amethyst chip bracelet, Howlite crystals, a selenite palmstone crystal and an aromatherapy tea-light candle, this kit is guaranteed to help the recipient create a peaceful oasis in their home.
Shop owner, Laura said "Our luxury spiritual wellbeing gift boxes make a truly thoughtful gift, because you're giving more than just a set of beautiful handcrafted wellbeing products, you're gifting someone the chance to create more balance and peace in their daily routine."

Self-Kindness Stationery Gift Bundle from Rock Paper Swan

We all have at least one person in our life that adores stationery. And what could be more delightful than presenting them with something they've never seen before, sourced from a small business? Rock Paper Swan, run by contemporary illustrator, Amy, stock colourful greetings cards, stationery and playful illustrations.
I love their Self-Kindness Stationery Gift Bundle containing reward stickers for getting through the day to a little to do list notepad as it would make the perfect present for friends or as a Secret Santa gift for co-workers who need a little boost of self kindness and organisation.

Handmade Mini Christmas Tree from Eleanor Shadow

One of my favourite choices for Christmas gifts, particularly for my nieces and nephews during their first Christmas celebrations, is decorations. These hold a special place in my heart as they become cherished mementos, that can be brought out and admired Christmas after Christmas.
Eleanor Shadow, based in Edinburgh, specialises in indie hand dyed yarns and handmade knitting accessories, including the loveliest Christmas decorations.
This handmade mini Christmas tree is sure to add cheer to any room, without taking up too much space. Not only would they made a lovely gift for any little ones bedrooms, but also for yourself if you don't have space for a full tree.
Shop owner, Eleanor said "These mini Christmas trees are perfect for anyone who has limited space to decorate for the holidays but still wants to add some seasonal cheer to their personal space - from the work office desk to the the living room, these mini trees are sure to jolly up any room!".

Gold Circle Pendant Necklace from Militza Ortiz Jewellery

Maybe you are looking to treat yourself or one of the dearest people on your Christmas list, a beautiful piece of original jewellery would make an ideal gift. And let’s face it, everyone deserves a little sparkle this Christmas.

Militza Ortiz Jewellery, based in South West London, have the most perfect eco friendly handcrafted jewellery, inspired by the natural world and organic forms.

I love her Gold Circle Pendant Necklace as it would look lovely with any outfit and would make an perfect gift for those who want a classic design with a twist


Cat Lady Art Print from Skudaboo

Naturally, I couldn't compile a small business gift guide without slipping in a cheeky mention of my own small business, Skudaboo.
Just in case you are still getting to know us, let me give you an introduction. Skudaboo is a curated collection of eclectic giclée art prints, frames and home décor. Our mission? To showcase amazing artists and help you create lovely, dreamy rooms that perfectly match your individuality and personal interior style.
I've given a few reasons why arts prints make a great gift in my other blog 6 Reasons to Gift Art Prints This Christmas, but I think the best one is that by choosing a specific print that aligns with the recipient's style, interests, or memories, you're showing that you know them so so well. It's also a gift that will remind the recipient of you all year round when displayed in their home.
The print I will be gifting the most this year, is the Cat Lady Art Print by Nat Purple as, with it's perfect balance of wild and whimsy, is going to make a unique gift for my cat loving fashionista friends who have an appreciation for the unconventional.
These wonderful small businesses offer a variety of unique and thoughtful gifts that are perfect for spreading some festive loveliness. Shopping small this Christmas not only ensures that you're giving one-of-a-kind presents, but you're also supporting the dreams and passions of talented artisans. So, embrace the magic of small businesses and delight your loved ones with gifts that will make this Christmas truly special.
For more arty gift ideas visit the our other blog, Give the Gift of Wall Art This Christmas. Also, make sure to join the mailing list for more articles and inspiration like this.
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