6 Charming Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from Small Businesses

6 Charming Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from Small Businesses

Hey there, lovebirds! It's that time of year again, when love is in the air and the hunt for the perfect Valentine's Day gift is on. But let's ditch the clichés and say no more to last-minute panic buying predictable roses and chocolates. Instead, let's talk about finding gifts that are as unique as your relationships – be it with your sweetheart, your Galentine, or why not yourself? (Because self-love is very important also!)

In this blog, I'm talking about those one-of-a-kind, heart-warming, and quirky gifts that come from the heart. And the best part? Each of these treasures is lovingly crafted by small businesses. So, not only are you scoring major points for originality, but you're also playing Cupid for small business owners.

From handcrafted jewellery to personalised stationery, each gift on this list is guaranteed to bring a smile to your loved one's face. And for those celebrating Galentine's Day – get ready to pamper your bestie with gifts that scream "You're my lobster!" And, of course, if you're indulging in some well-deserved self-gifting, we've got you covered with items that will warm your heart.

So, ready to make Valentine's Day 2024 the most memorable one yet? Let's dive in and discover these small but mighty gems that are sure to make a big impact!


Handmade Personalised Notebook from Blue Stiggy

Personalisation is the key to a thoughtful gift. Owner of Blue Stiggy, Michaela, offers just that, personalising handmade notebooks and stationery on her vintage typewriter named Dorothy, in Lincolnshire.
I love her personalised notebooks as they are a truly thoughtful and versatile gift that can be used as a mindfulness journal, a planner to stay on top of a to do list, or a sketchbook for drawing. They can be personalised with a beautiful poem or a quote from a favourite TV show or book. A great solution for those difficult to shop for men in your life.
Michaela says "Buying someone a personalised notebook is a truly personal and thoughtful gift. My favourite personalisation's to type are the ones that make no sense at all to me, because I know that they mean something special between the giver and receiver of the notebook."

Rose Quartz Crystal Heart from Rock + Realm

Infuse some positive and loving energy into your Valentines Day with crystals.
Rock + Realm, an ethical independent female-owned crystal business based in Norwich, UK, have the mission to make spiritual wellness easily accessible to people all over the UK, so are the perfect place to shop for when gifting crystals.
Their cute Rose Quartz Crystal Heart is a lovely Valentine's or Galentine's treat to show someone how much you care, or to keep for yourself. This crystal purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.
It also comes in a beautiful grey recycled cotton pouch and is ideal size to pop in your pocket to keep those juicy loving vibes close by.

Hand Dyed Yarn from Eleanor Shadow

I love the idea of gifting something crafty for Valentine's Day truly as it's a beautiful way to show how well you know the recipient.
For gifts for crafty souls, I highly recommend visiting Eleanor Shadow, a haven for craft enthusiasts that specialises in indie hand-dyed yarns and bespoke knitting accessories.
If you're the crafty one, why not knit a special gift or organise a 'stitch and sip' knitting session with friends this Valentine's Day? Eleanor Shadow provides the perfect inspiration and materials to make this Valentine's Day both fun and memorable.

Double Beaded Silver Mini Hoop Earrings from Militza Ortiz Jewellery

A beautiful piece of original jewellery is the perfect gift that can be treasured everyday or would make a cherished addition to your own collection.

Militza Ortiz Jewellery, based in South West London, have the most beautiful eco friendly handcrafted jewellery, inspired by the natural world and organic forms.

Their Double Beaded Silver Mini Hoop Earrings would make a stylish gift that are versatile enough to be worn and treasured everyday. They would look perfect when styled with simple studs on a second piercing or would stand out on their own.


Valentines Day Cards from Jess A Little Creative

Valentines day isn't all about gifts. A card with a heartfelt message can also be truly special.
You don't want to present the same mundane, mass-produced card that lines the shelves alongside countless others though. Instead give a card made by a small business, as you're almost guaranteed to give a one-of-a-kind card that will inspire the recipient to treasure and frame it as a keepsake.
Jess A Little Creative, a small independent business based in Cheltenham, has the loveliest selection of beautiful and unique eco-friendly greeting cards. 
This Heart Illustration Valentine's Day Card say it all. It features an ‘I Love You’ message with intricate and beautifully patterned love hearts on the front. It is also blank inside for you to make it special and personal with your own message.

Lobster Love Heart Art Print

Naturally, I am a big fan of gifting art prints, so had to give Skudaboo a cheeky mention in this guide.
Just in case you are still getting to know us, let me give you an introduction. Skudaboo is a collection, of eclectic giclée art prints, frames and home décor, curated by me, Katie. My mission? To showcase amazing artists and help you create lovely, dreamy rooms that perfectly match your individuality and personal interior style.
I believe art prints make amazing and unique gifts as choosing a specific print that reflects the recipient's style, interests, or memories, shows that you know them so so well. They can also help convey a feeling and is a gift that will remind them of you all year round when displayed in their home.
Take our colourful and vibrant Lobster Love Heart Print – my personal favourite for Valentine's Day. It's the ideal way to tell someone they're your lobster, forever and always, whether that be a dear friend or a romantic partner. And if you're on the hunt for more artistic inspiration, why not check out our Valentine's Day gift edit for a wider array of artful ideas?
Whether you're choosing a gift for your significant other, your Galentine, or a well-deserved treat for yourself, each of these handpicked items carries a story - a testament to the creativity and dedication of small business owners.
By choosing one of these thoughtful gifts, you're not just making Valentine's Day special for your loved ones; you're also giving back to the community and supporting the dreams of artisans and creators.
So, go ahead, spread the love this Valentine's Day with something unique, something heartfelt, and something that tells a story. Let's make the day about connection, support, and a little bit of that extra personal touch that only comes from small businesses.
Happy Valentine's Day to all, and may your celebrations be as unique and beautiful as the gifts you choose to give!
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