Artist Submissions

Why sell your artwork on Skudaboo?
  • Earn Passive Income: By selling your art on Skudaboo, you can earn a generous commission of up to 30% on the net sales (ex VAT) of your work. For instance, if your artwork sells for £15 on our website, you will receive £3.75.
  • Increased Exposure: Skudaboo provides exposure for your artwork on our website, which is less saturated compared to other print-on-demand sites. Additionally, there is opportunity to also feature your work in our NOTH shop, expanding your reach to potential customers.
  • Hassle-Free Process: We take care of all the printing, framing, packing, shipping, and customer service. This allows you to focus on what you love doing most—creating beautiful art.
  • Various Sizes Available: Your artwork can be printed in a variety of sizes, including up to A0, providing flexibility for your artistic vision.
  • High-Quality Printing: We print your work in our Bristol studio using high-quality 300 gsm satin photo paper. This ensures that your art is sent out looking its best. We can also send you a sample of our paper with your work printed on it.
  • Marketing Support: Skudaboo handles marketing efforts on your behalf. We feature your artwork on our social media channels and send it it in magazines and publications, increasing your exposure to potential buyers.
  • Independent Female-Founded Business: Skudaboo is an independent business ran by me, Katie! I'm passionate about providing an amazing platform for artists to sell their work, and handling tasks like SEO, web design, ads, PR, and marketing so that you don't have to.
Who would benefit from selling on Skudaboo?
  • New Artists: Skudaboo offers a platform for new artists to showcase and sell their work.
  • Established Overseas Artists: If you're an artist based outside the UK and want to reach a UK audience, Skudaboo can help you expand your market presence.
  • Artists Seeking Business Support: If you prefer to focus more on creating art and less on business administration, Skudaboo handles the operational aspects for you.
What we need from you:
  • High-Quality Artwork: Please provide an export of your artwork as a high-quality (minimum 300 dpi) RGB file.
  • A Size Aspect Ratio: Our printing and framing capabilities are limited to A sizes, so ensure your artwork has an A size aspect ratio.
  • Artist Information and Inspiration: We would appreciate some information about you and the inspiration behind your work. This will be used for product descriptions and marketing purposes.
  • Invoicing Process: At the end of each month, Skudaboo will provide you with the final sales report. You will then need to send an invoice, which will be paid within 10 working days. While we are working on implementing self-invoicing, we currently don't have the capacity for it. However, we are happy to assist you as much as possible with the invoicing process. Please inform us if you are VAT registered.
If you are interested in selling your work on Skudaboo, please send some examples of your work and a brief introduction about yourself here. I look forward to working with you!